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East Shore Industries

east-shore-logoAlgoma Mop Manufacturers / East Shore Industries, Inc.
Ron Opicka, CEO
813 Rabas Street
Algoma, WI 54201

Phone: 920-487-3541

“Working to make a difference” is the standard that Algoma Mop Manufacturers has embraced with pride since its inception in 1926.

In 1981 Algoma Mop Manufacturers was acquired by East Shore Industries, Inc. East Shore, located in Algoma, is

a 501(c)(3) private non-profit community based rehabilitation facility dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities in obtaining their personal independence and employment goals.

East Shore credits the individuals it serves with putting Algoma Mop Manufacturers on the map – earning nationwide contracts and producing products that are known for their excellent quality.

Algoma Mop Manufacturers is Wisconsin’s largest mop manufacturer, producing over 200 types of mops – many of which are customized to client specifications.

In addition to manufacturing wet mops and dust mops, the company also provides dust oil treatments and accessories such as hardware, handles, frames and laundry nets.