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Pico Bello Pet Grooming

picobello-logo707 Ellis St.
Kewaunee, WI 54216

Heike Pattscheck
(920) 388-2552

Pico Bello Website

For your Pet’s Health and Happiness, PicoBello offers:

Heike Pattscheck

Heike Pattscheck

Award-winning pet grooming and pet services
~Individual attention to your pet in a caring atmosphere
~Professional equipment
~Hair styling to breed standard or your specifications
~Ear cleaning
~De-shedding treatment
~Teeth brushing
~Do-it-yourself pet wash

Products and Pet Supplies
~Solid Gold Dog Food
-No wheat, corn and soy
-No chemicals preservatives
~Animal Food Services
Pet Patties- Meat Eater Diets- Raw Food Diet
-Fresh frozen or freeze dried
~Lupine & Guardian Gear
-leads and collars
~Gentle Leaders
-Head collars and harness’s
~Assortment of toys, tags and treats

Tuesday- Friday
8:30am- 1:30pm

Special appointments can also be made by calling (920) 388-2552