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What is the Buy Local Initiative?
The Initiative is a grass roots economic development initiative that seeks to grow our self-sufficiency and community quality of life through strengthening local businesses, improving job opportunities for residents and keeping our dollars local. A formal network of businesses and community organizations are committed to promoting one another and buying from one another whenever possible, and to educating business owners and the general public about the importance of local consumerism.

Who can join the Initiative?
Any locally owned business can join the Initiative. Community-based nonprofits, units of government and schools are also welcome to join. Individuals not affiliated with an organization are welcome to attend any meeting or event as a guest, please see the calendar of events for upcoming dates.

Why is the Buy Local Initiative important?
Local jobs and livelihoods depend on it! Each year, approximately $63 million in consumer retail spending leaves Kewaunee County. We aim to capture more of that market, keep the dollars local, and improve our economy!

If I join the network, what do I have to do?
The Initiative is a mutual promotion network and can’t succeed without your active participation. As a member, we ask that you make the following commitments:
* Shift out-of-county spending 10%.
* Display Kewaunee County Buy Local logo.
* Actively promote other local businesses.
* Engage in networking opportunities.
* Learn about products and services available in Kewaunee County.
* Share feedback about the Buy Local Initiative.

How much does it cost to become a network member?
There is no fee to participate, only your loyalty!

How can I join the network?
Go to Join Now to submit an electronic commitment form. Or, contact the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation and ask for a commitment form!